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About our company

Since 1986, we are cultivating freshwater fish and shrimps on our farmlands “Devarapu Farms” located on the coastal regions of Southern India. Our extensive experience in aquaculture guarantees a high quality product standard in order to create high value seafood for our customers.

Our specialty is a vast range of fresh, sustainable fish cultivated in aquaculture like the Vannamei/Whiteleg shrimps & Indian major fish carps.

Aquatraderz is an export and trading company founded in 2020 whose mission is to provide superior quality seafood in cooperation with modern processing plants across India. We have experts and seafood professionals on our team, which gives us enough confidence to say, “We deliver high quality seafood at attractive prices”

Seafood Industry - With the increasing need for seafood in the world and the oceans depleting with resources, aqua culture is the solution and it produces far less carbon footprint when compared to other protein options.

Freshwater Aquafarming - Constant monitoring of aquaculture water and integrated quality assurance system guarantees the highest product quality. 

Guaranteed High Product Standards - Each product will go through three levels of quality checks:
      1. Farming level - By the farmers’ fresh water basin
      2. Processing plant level - Quality check by plant supervisors and quality checking team
      3. Aquatraderz - Our expert quality-checking team before packing and shipping the products 

Aquatraderz will source only from Globally Certified Processing plants (BRC, BAP, FDA, ASC, EU,..)

AquaTraderz stands For      

Superior Product:
  Guaranteed high product standards of cultivated freshwater fish and shrimps living up to worldwide standards
  Production process is continuously monitored and supervised
  We have a strong knowledge base, which helps us to adhere to the highest hygiene and quality standards of different countries worldwide 

Sustainability of the Product:
  Food safety: Farms are adhering to aquafarming processes and the most stringent environmental standards certified by the integrated quality          assurance system
  Environmentally friendly cultivation as aquaculture leaves less carbon footprint
  Fair income for farmers and their families 

  We collaborated with certified modern processing plants approved by EU & USFDA across India enabling us to offer you the best price in the market &      flawless delivery across the globe
  We strive to surprise our customers through continuous product development and innovation
  We ensure to deliver our products throughout the year, every season is high season for us  

Delivery of the Product:
  Our team is experienced in delivering our products to multiple countries like USA, EU and Asian countries.
  Highly experienced team in Seafood industry
  Packaging and branding can be done on sourcing level 

Aquatraderz knows the global customers’ needs, taste, culture and standards. 

Quality Since 1986

Devarapu's and our other trusted sourcing farms 


Globally Certified Modern Processing Plants 


Packaging & Product Labelling Standards as per EU & US FDA


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